Who We Are


Over 25 years ago, The Quintek Group started as one of the premiere automotive digital retouching and illustration studios in the greater-Detroit, Michigan area. During that time, we have expanded our capabilities to include animationmotion graphics, CGI and design departments. Our staff of artists include seasoned professionals as well as young innovators to bring you the perfect blend of quality and cutting edge ideas. With our diverse clientele, our artists have worked on a wide variety of projects to help many companies make a strong presence in this competitive and evolving visual medium.

Our expertise and creativity doesn’t stop with cars. We strive to express our creativity and style into everything we do. Our inspirational work, along with other visual goodies can be seen throughout the site, so stick around and and let your curiosity take over. If you’re interested, you can download a digital copy of our full-color award-winning capabilities brochure here.

At Quintek, we create high-quality, custom art at competitive prices.