It's Spring! Time to Ride the Animation Cycle

Seems like Spring is finally here! It's time to go out and enjoy the outdoors and maybe add in a little exercise. Created by our Motion Graphics Guru: Shawn Sheehan.

This animation is an example of using shape layers in Adobe After Effects to create a looping animation. Plus it's a reminder to me to get outside and exercise once in a while.

Defenders of Soma is on the way Spring 2016!

Once again, we were tapped by our friends over at Nerdcore Medical recently, to help them explain the gameplay for their upcoming game, Defenders of Soma, which is tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2016 release. Through the use of animation, we were able to create a fun yet informative segment for their Kickstarter video pitch. And they got their funding! Win win! Our animated contribution to their Kickstarter is above, and you can see their Kickstarter page here.

BACTERIONOMICON! Helping nerds and doctors to unite against evil!

We recently were given the opportunity to work with our buddies over at Nerdcore Medical to create a promotional video to highlight their Kickstarter campaign for Bacterionomicon, a visual companion book for their fantasy medical card game, The Healing Blade. You can see the animation we created for Bacterionomicon below:

Also, we helped refresh their promotional trailer for the Healing Blade, which was released originally in 2010: