Happy Holidays from Across the Galaxy

Quintek: Sleigh One

This Holiday season, we at The Quintek Group ventured into that Galaxy Far Far Away... to create SLEIGH ONE.

Our goal was to design something fun to show our love for the holidays and the Star Wars Universe (especially with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story happening this week).

This piece of technical cutaway poster art we named Sleigh One. It was designed and modeled from the ground up, and rendered in Cinema 4D by our resident in-house CGI Jedi, Shawn Sheehan. 

Sleigh One comes fully equipped for the entire Galaxy's holiday needs: built with longitudinal runners for those cold-climate conditions, a twinkling light array for those late night deliveries, twin booster rockets for getaways from any Sith gift stealers, a fully-packed gift delivery storage depot, and let's not forget our Navigator droid in seasonal attire with his trusty copilot in freshly painted holiday colors. This ship and it's crew will get the job done!

Check out the detail below in some of the close-ups.

We went all the way back to our childhood and designed our Holiday Card as an homage to Kenner and all the joy those toy boxes would bring during the season. The card was created by our in-house design Jedi: Deanna Sheehan, who was joyously inspired by that classic toy box design from the original Star Wars Kenner toy line. Now if we can only get Kenner to make this toy...