It’s Motor-City ComicCon Time Again, True Believers!

This weekend is the 25th Anniversary Motor City Comic Con, and we can’t wait to go get our “geek” on again! Among those who we shall stalk at the con are William Shatner (Capt. James Tiberius Kirk!!!), Jon Bernthal (Shane!!!) and Lee Majors (The Six-Million-Dollar Man!!!). In honor of the festivities, I thought I would add my little contribution to the nerdiness: An homage to the ol’web-head thanks to the music of the Ray Wall Band (above). My head just went BOOM! See you there!

Sketch Fighter – Battle Lebowski

Choose your destiny! Here’s a fun mash-up we did to pay homage to two of our favorite things: video games and the Coen brothers. We decided that the Coen brothers movie, The Big Lebowski, would have made an awesome arcade 2D fighter game. And what better games to emulate than two of the genre’s best: Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Thanks to an over-active imagination, we finally get to witness the carnage that only overweight and out-of-shape middle-aged bowlers can create! Hadouken!