CON!!! Motor City Comic Con is here again!

Once again, spring in Michigan has finally sprung (sort of). And that means the capes, witches, warlocks and aliens will be invading our fair state once again. As we've said before, we just love the 'con season. Especially when we can be there. And be there we will! Just not in costume (or will we be?)

The Comic Con season also means previews and updates to some of our favorite genre properties and stories. One in particular is the all-new Samurai Jack series revival on Cartoon Network this year. We're hoping to find out any gossip or sneak peeks there are to be had. In honor of this, we made our own little "sneak peek" of what we hope will be an epic "next chapter" in the Samurai Jack saga! WACHA!

Motor City Comic Con will take place at the Suburban Collection Showplace May 13, 14 & 15  2016. Check out their site for more info.