No Pain No Gain

Let’s say you’re a personal trainer at a gym, and one of your more attractive female clients turns you down. It’s obviously because you’re broke right? Now all you have to do to resolve this issue, is kidnap a wealthy client and steal all of their cash. Then you’ll have everything you want, along with that girl you couldn’t get. Easy enough.

This is basically the main characters’ idea in Michael Bay’s film, Pain & Gain. Three lugs at a Florida gym, seeking riches without doing any heavy lifting. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong and they end up in deep doo doo (pardon my French). By the end of the film, you’re left wondering how someone could be so stupid, but then you give up and laugh about it.

I thought Pain & Gain was a great movie, I’ll definitely be adding it to my collection. …and I thought Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did a spectacular job, so I decided to sketch him up. -BL